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    Now and then I receive some interesting messages from the visitors and readers of these guides with tips, hints and curious facts about Mohaa.  I much appreciate receiving these messages and usually, if they are good and new pieces of information, I insert them into the related guides, so to make them more and more complete.

    But, there is some information that I want to make available but I don't seem to find the right place.  So, I decided to create this page, a page where I'll be updating constantly with all the good information that I eventually receive from you, the visitor.  Also, I may use this page to temporarily post some info received from the readers, just until I have the time to make the appropriate update when then, I'll take the info out of this page and insert it into the corresponding guide.  Note that I do not test all the tips I receive from the readers.

    I'll be using this space also to post interesting information not received directly from the readers but instead found in other sites and forums related to Mohaa.  I'll always let you know the sources of the information, though, if not of my own. 

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    Before quoting the selected messages, I'd like to mention the countries from where I have received messages concerning Mohaa and this Website (at random order!): Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Canada, USA, Brazil, Iceland, Australia, U.K. (many from England), Cyprus, Germany, Israel, Holland (Netherlands), Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Malaysia, Greece, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria, Ireland, Jersey Channel Islands, South Africa, France, Belgium, Russia, Macedonia, Czech Republic and a few from Texas :-)   Of course that there are many messages that I couldn't figure out which country they came from.


    "In some levels, where there can be enemies rushing out of the closets, shoot the closets before entering definitely into these rooms, just in case, and kill any eventual enemy hidden inside.  It's the safest way to protect yourself against the surprise of being shot by some smart German getting suddenly out of a closet". (excellent tip sent by a lot of readers).

    "I'm playing the English (not the rated German) version of Mohaa and for me, as a German, it's quite funny what the German soldiers are speaking (i.e. talking about girls in the U-Boat level) and also the stupid names of the levels (return to "Schmerzen" means return to "Pain" - Outch! - or "die sturmgewehr" -> the article "die" = false grammar, must be "das"... Outch!).  I thought that maybe this is interesting for you and English-speaking Mohaa-freaks...". (sent by Gerald, from Germany, of course). Note: it reminds me of NOLF, No One Lives Forever, another FSP game where the Germans speak English so we can understand them and their conversations are really funny.  Too bad I don't speak a word of German (maybe about a dozen German words I do understand...).

    "If you patch you will not lose your saved games, they just won't work with the patch.  I still have my old files and if I was to reload the game without patching I could reuse them.  ... ... I am having as much fun going over the game, looking for new tactics, trying to find a better strategy, as I did in the beginning.  Unlike Myst and Riven, once you have solved the puzzles then it is a waste of time going back over those games, but Mohaa offers many more challenges." (sent by Robert B., from U.K., talking about patching and replaying Mohaa).

    Do you think you are a great Mohaa player just because you have finished the game in hard difficulty mode without using any cheat code?  Well, I used to think so until I received this message; read it and re-think your game values!: "I followed your guide exactly for the hard level, for the Bridge.  I did not get the spawning soldiers shooting at me while I used binoculars on the tanks.  Every other time I have played this mission there were spawning soldiers shooting me.  I have only one arm and I have completed the whole game on hard thanks to you and creative use of mouse buttons".  I asked him how come and he replied: "Quite simply: I make the wheel a secondary for walk/run (w).  I had to practise a lot learning to use the wheel and not fire at the same time unless I needed to.  I reload and quicksave as normal but I have to choose carefully when as I have to leave the mouse to do it.  However, I still doubt I would have got there without the brilliant walkthroughs you have created.(sent by Nick, from U.K.). A really rewarding and interesting message, isn't it?

The Rescue Mission

    "Regarding the clue Major Grillo gives regarding the presence of POW's in Arzew and the German speaking, it's not the only one there. Upon starting Level 2, right after the ambush in Arzew, you can see German soldiers getting the POW's on a truck. You can identify them by their green outfits and their hands (being up).". (sent by Chanan M. from Israel)

Naxos Prototype

    " I was just playing around on Mohaa when I made a big discovery.  On the U-boat level after you get the papers and uniform, check the lockers (by "e" or the Use key) on the opposite side as the door.  You should find some ammo and 50% health." (sent by Tim Astrom, from the USA)  Note: This locker room is the one at the very beginning of this level, before the room where there are three guys playing cards - see the break dance tip that follows (screenshot taken by me).


    "For a really cool thing, go to the Norway Level, get to the part where you're a spy and are in the room where the soldiers are playing cards. Go to the window, press e, and watch the guards. They will start break dancing. It's great!" (taken from a message of EA forum, written by RagingCrusader)  Note: Press E means press the Use key (in my case, the secondary mouse button). Also, when using the window, use the part not open, or it won't work. Screenshots taken by me.

Escape The U-Boat

    "Before you climb down the stairs of the U-boat, try killing the guard at the inside end of the dock, standing between the boxes. The other guard, standing just right of him (in the doorway to the other dock), doesn't seem to notice". (sent by Jos V., from Netherlands)

The Nebelwerfer Hunt

    "When I was playing The Nebelwerfer Hunt recently I found that you can use the air support from the previous sub-mission once more on this section. In my case I used it on the halftrack, which leaves you enough bazooka shells to destroy the Tiger tank without picking up the extra ones in the room it destroys. Whether you can use the air strike later on (e.g on the Tiger) or indeed whether the extra bazooka shells are useful in any other way, I haven't actually tested". (sent by James Hudson, from England)  Note - This tip is really great.  After you call in airstrike to destroy the half-track, you'll receive the following message: "Echo Charlie out of ammo and returning to base. You're on your own now. Good luck, over and out". It means that there won't be another opportunity to use airstrike in this level.

The Command Post

    "Related to the exfiltrating objective of the Command Post mission, I have a tip although not being better that the ones you reported, it might be of some help. There are 3 static enemies at the end of the path, which can't be seen at all. I went quick on them, and when I had visual contact with them I killed 2, and came back as I was pretty bad. At this point I had to defeat the spawning soldiers, which stop from appearing when we pass the gate. With some medical kits taken, I returned and I had 1 static enemy left. I tried to kill him an run to the end but the dogs won't let me go far. If we face back to kill the dogs, the spawning soldiers keep appearing more & more (and dogs as well). So I tried something funny: I went on the last static, with German grenades and running, always using the near throw. The first grenade was launched on this enemy, he had to flee for a moment (which gave me time). Always running and not looking back I kept throwing grenades, which must have blown the damn dogs because I wasn't bitten". (sent by Carlos S., from Portugal)

    Question from EA forum: "I've gotten to the Command Post level (after the arduous battle with the alarm system) and I've gotten all the objectives clear (including blowing up the two Tiger tanks, which I understand will become active after I get the rest of the stuff done), but I cannot get the battle plans. I've gotten to the room where they are (according to my compass), and they should be in one of those chests in the room with all the 'valuables' (it looks like a treasury room almost).  I need to know if my game has a bug, but I cannot open the chest in order to get the plans. Is this where they're supposed to be?  Any help on the battle plans would help me out greatly, I've been stuck on this for quite some time".
    The interesting answer, given by EAHammered: "You're on the wrong floor, dude. The compass is a 2D indicator. Think 3D. It's either on a floor above you or below you. Look around, you'll find them". (taken from EA forum, as mentioned).  Note - After finding the explosives, you can blow up the Tiger tanks, independently of having or not completed all the other objectives.

Sniper's Last Stand - Outskirts

    "I also had serious problems to find the bazooka team.  After killing all enemies in the outskirts I still couldn't find the weapon.  I went checking all the rooms and the second time (after killing all Germans) I went into the finding place I actually found it.  I don't know what triggers the appearance of the bazooka; going back to a certain place seems to have triggered it". (sent by Jos V., from Netherlands)

Sniper's Last Stand - City Hall

    "Consider killing some Germans by coming from the building next to the City Hall; the two soldiers on the balcony can be killed by crouching under the window and throwing a grenade through the window". (sent by Jos V., from Netherlands)

The Bridge

    "I also experience the spawning.  My advice is to throw grenades down the stairs.  However, you won't have enough to keep all Germans away.  To quickly switch between binoculars and Thompson remember to use the right mouse button.  It's much faster than using the 3 and 7 keys.  You can also consider to use the Colt.  At short distance it's very accurate if you aim at the head.  By the way: during direction of fire in VP2 I meet German paratroopers, not Waffen SS". (sent by Jos V., from Netherlands) Note: I have my secondary mouse button configured as the USE key/button.

    "I tried the suggestion of Jordi Z. and stayed downstairs in HVP2.  Well it's true, no respawning, but the target calls to air and artillery support are not picked up by these units, and the captured King Tiger ends up doing all its own defending.  After trying this a few times, I gave this strategy up and ran up stairs in VP2, immediately clicked all on coming tanks and air support responded and killed them all off.  Meanwhile I was getting shot from behind by two special unit Germans, which I ignored.  Guess what happened: they kept shooting at me but I didn't die and when all enemy tanks were targetted, I turned around and one of the two Germans was dead (mystery here, since I had ignored them completely) and I took the other one out with a couple of rounds of .45 from the Thompson.  And I still had like 40 or 50 life left (I started with 100%).  I play MoHAA on the Mac, but I don't think there is any difference in game play". (sent by Vishy, from Greece).

    "I've tried many times for this mission with three difficulty levels.  I can even see the spawning enemies on the street when I jump down from the first room, where the bombing will destroy the building.  I think they are trying to get me while I was in the room but they can't climb the stairs.  While in the other two rooms, I'll always have my Thompsons fully loaded as the enemies will keep on coming up the stairs, two soldiers each time.  I'm sure they are all spawning enemies since they are in German Paratroop uniform.". (sent by Shien Pin, from Malaysia).

The Communications Blackout

    "Eliminate every living soul right up to the final exit, including inside the Commandant's house, before setting the explosives (many times I tried to fight my way through impossible odds).  As for the bridge, there is an officer patrolling a path directly opposite the top of the stairs. As far as I can recall he is the one who toggles the alarm. What I have done is to crouch and creep up the stairs and take him out, then immediatly run back down, under the bridge, and hide behind the machine gun nest.  Grenades will rain down along with a lot of yelling and shouting and you will come to no harm, but it is rather exciting listening to all of the racket.  Also it is kind of fun creating mayhem.  The other soldiers will come down the stairs but they are easy to pick off.  There is also a supply of health and grenades near the machine gun.  After the ruckus ceases go back up and pick them off.  That is a time when I start throwing grenades around, just keep your head down.  Actually you can have a lot of fun at the bridge steps as long as that officer is dead.  Also, be very careful of the wardrobes in the buildings and choose carefully the right place for the last timed explosive for you do not have much time between the huts and the gate". (sent by Robert B., from UK, including screenshots).

Storming Fort Schmerzen - Inner Facility

    "You said you have never seen a German climb a ladder, well I have.  On the "Return to Schmerzen" mission, on the Inner Facility sub-mission, when you have to look for a gas mask, if you kill all the Germans except the ones up the ladder and you climb all the way up the one on the right and go back down, one of the two Germans will follow you down". (sent by Jayce Penner, from the USA). Note: This tip is about the ladder at the very beginning of this level, the first entrance to the right, after leaving the elevator.  The enemy actually doesn't climb down the ladder as we - the first-person shooter - normally do, instead he jumps down and if you happen to be in his way, he'll fall right upon you and he'll stay for a while over you, shooting at you.  I've already seen enemies jumping from one floor to a lower one in some other levels but I never really saw a German climbing UP a ladder.


    "Best way to finish (and yes health should be 100) is to ignore the guy at the beginning of the scene and start running as soon as your quickload is up. Waste the oncoming guy while you run outside and jump over the desk on the ground. You will land on 100 health. After the fence go right, then to the wall and right again into a little setback where you can wait for the explosion to kill most of your enemies. Run onto the train and you're home free. It worked for me on hard level even without grabbing the health behind the table. Just zig zag and holster your weapon, it makes you run faster". (sent by Steffen W.)

    "Just run out of the door as fast as you can shooting the soldiers outside. Ignore the German inside the room and the one behind the window. Get the health packs from behind the overturned table. Then instead of running to the train turn right and go to the corner formed by the walls of the building. There's a great hiding place there! Once you get there you are safe from the enemy. Wait until the building starts to explode. This will kill all the Germans. The doors of the train will then open. Run to the train. That's it. Works every time, and I started with 62% health.". (sent by Phivos Z., from Cyprus, that was playing in medium difficulty mode)

    "Here is my version of the final run to the train, hard level, starting with 100% health and ending with 23% to 68%.  As soon as the level starts, from your starting position, throw a grenade to bounce off the wall of the corridor and fall near the exit. This disperses the enemies waiting outside. Also the enemy in the corner will run for cover towards you. Quickly switch to your Thompson and kill him. Then run outside shooting the enemies in front of you, usually 2 or 3. Ignore the enemy in the small room behind you and the snipers. As soon as you pass the end of the chain link fence turn right and run to the corner formed by the two walls. There is a great place to take cover there. Move just a pace away from the wall. The explosions will start. This will kill any enemies left alive, including the snipers. Run to the train. That's it!" (sent by Phivos Z., with screenshots - see beside, now playing in hard difficulty mode, as said)


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