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Where Are Those Merciless Snipers & The Bazooka Team?

    You're at mission five, the "Day of the Tiger", at its very first level: Sniper's Last Stand, hard difficulty setting.
    It's comprised of two parts.  The first one is called Outskirts and the second is the City Hall.
    Only the first one is covered on this page.  If you want a walkthrough with lots of tips and hints for the second one, go to the City Hall page.
    Outskirts has three objectives:

    The most difficult one is the first because to locate the bazooka team, you'll have to get to know the whole town, know as Sniper Town, and getting to know it means having to kill a lot of hidden and dangerous enemy snipers.  So, these three objectives could be summed up as just one: Kill The Snipers On Your Way !!

    I'm not going to detail all the steps you should go through to kill the snipers.  Instead, I'm going to give some very useful tips about the level and about the bazooka team and I'm sure it will make it easier for you to beat those pesky snipers.  If you want a step by step walkthrough, take a look at the last topic of this page.

  The Enemy Position Map  

    Maybe the first and most wanted tip is the location of every sniper in town.  You can know their initial position by looking at the Main Picture, at the end of this page.  All the possible spots are marked with a yellow tag starting with an "E" followed by a number.  As you can see, there can be a maximum of 22 snipers in town.  But, some important additional considerations apply:

    To make it even easier to find the snipers, here's a brief description of their positions:

  Killing The Snipers  

    How to kill the snipers?  The first one (E1) can and must be killed before meeting your comrades (C1, C2 and C3).  As soon as the level starts, just strafe carefully to the right, until the the first enemy can be seen through your scope.  Then, snipe him. If you waste time gathering with your comrades before killing E1, some shots, from E1, will be already hitting them and you.

    To kill all the other enemy snipers, my tips are:

    At the middle of your way to the gate, you will find two additional fellows (C4 and C5), but it's not an easy task to protect them from the enemy fire.  They are killed very easily at that location, with just one shot each, so it seems (remember that I'm talking about the hard difficulty mode).  The only way that I found to keep them alive is this:

    After they are safe, you can resume killing by going near the opening of the nearby house and throwing some grenades in there, to kill the Germans inside or, at least, to make them move and get clearance.  One of them, the one near the bed, can be killed easily.

  The Bazooka Team  

    It's common someone get lost trying to find the bazooka team.  So, my info & tips about it are:

    I found it very interesting because if some player forgets to enter just one of the four rooms available to get inside, he'll have difficulty in finding the bazooka team because this'll be the room where the bazooka team will be.   That's why so many players keep asking, in the forums, where are the bazooka team.   Great idea, 2015 !!  Note that, consistently, until you do find the bazooka team, the compass doesn't help you: it keeps showing that you are always near the objective.

    After you have found the bazooka team, you have to pass the gate.  If the gate isn't already open, if you try to open it, you'll receive a message: "Find a way through the gate".  You have two options: fire a bazooka shot at the gate to blast it open or wait around thirty seconds and three new enemies will show up, from the other side of the gate, to open it (and try to kill you!). So, the first solution brings no additional enemies while the latter, adds three more enemies for you to easily kill them with the Thompson, for instance, and save a heavy round.  I prefer the latter.  After the gate is open, all the fellows that survived this first part, will proceed to the other side of the gate and they will keep helping you on the next level. 

    Note: I have read some messages about some players that never find the bazooka team.  They look into the four rooms and the bazooka team is nowhere.  They do find some rounds, but not the bazooka.  Without the bazooka, they can't go on, since the objective is never completed and, so, the level gets endless.  My opinion about this situation is that it is a bug.  My advice is to restart the level but not from any saved game from the level itself, even the first one, the automatic one (marked with a 'Starting' tag).  Restart it from the last saved game you have from the previous level (well, from the beginning of the mission briefing, since this level is the first one of mission 5), so you'll get a real fresh and hopefully unbugged start of Outskirts.

  Step by Step Walkthrough  

    If you feel that even after getting to know my tips and hints you want or need a good step by step walkthrough for this part of the level, you can find one here, written by Stevie Buist, from the Medal of Honor Allied Assault H.Q. site.

    After you're finished with Outskirts, it's time to face the City Hall sequence.  I think you've had a good experience with the snipers already and you're better prepared to face more of them now. 

Main Picture - Aerial view map with all the possible positions where there may be enemies and the spots where the bazooka team can be located.  Click it for a bigger map.

Obs.: Except for the Main Picture, there are no other cheated screenshots illustrating this text, only real ones.

  Hope It Helped !!
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